Erika Jansson Dressage offers a variety of training programs designed to benefit both horse and rider.

What New Clients Can Expect

From the raw beginners to the Gran Prix level riders, Erika’s students benefit from her vast experience and knowledge as an equine educator.

Erika’s new clients are invited to share the horse’s health history, behavior and level of work, as well as the goals, prior to the first session. The questionnaire can be downloaded HERE

During the first session, Erika examines the tack for proper fit and, if the client is willing, will ride the horse herself for the first part of the lesson.

“Sometimes a horse can look one way but feel totally different,”.

This step gives her a lot of information and it often helps the riders see their horse in a different light.

People can get stuck with their horses because they’ve learned each other’s tricks. When I ride them, a lot of times, the owner sees their horse can do something they thought it couldn’t.
— Erika
Erika Jansson with EJ Dressage

Private Sessions

All levels and disciplines are welcome.

The only requirement is that the students bring to the table a positive attitude, a desire to deepen their connection with the horse, and willingness to examine every ride.

The students are encouraged to set goals for every ride and make notes after every ride.

It’s about the actual ride and accomplishment.
Real progress will happen when you take time to assess each ride.
— Erika

 She likes to set the stage for her students to figure out some tasks for themselves. Teaching the half-halt, for example, some instructors will spell out every step, but Erika prefers to help her students develop the feel for how to accomplish it.

Students are offered homework to concentrate on between lessons.


Use Of DMS Machine before or after the session. Beneficial especially for older horses, ones in heavy training, or horses recovering from an injury.

DMS Professional Deep Muscle Stimulator Massager

Session Pricing upon request

DMS Professional Deep Muscle Stimulator Massager

  • Increased circulation

  • Reduced pain

  • Faster rehabilitation from injury

  • Increased lymphatic flow

  • Break up of muscular scar tissue

The DMS concentrates on general or local muscle spasms. It increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. Deep, rapid, short-duration percussion is the key to the elimination of pain. The DMS can be used in effective management of acute and chronic pain, not exclusive to, but including: migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, edema, myofacial pain and frozen joints.

The Deep Muscle Stimulator is known to increase the circulation of blood and flow of lymph. The direct mechanical effect of rhythmical pressure and movement used in DMS can dramatically increase the rate of blood flow. The stimulation of nerve receptors causes the blood vessels to dilate, which also facilitates blood flow.

Erika Jansson & Bo Jena

Erika Jansson & Bo Jena

Long Lining

Creativity is key in exploring your horse’s capabilities with turns, circles, serpentines, transitions, leg yields, half passes and, for the adventurous, flying changes, passage, or piaffe!

Horses that would benefit from long-lining:

• Young horses being started under saddle because this allows them time to develop muscle mass before getting a rider on their back

• Equines in rehabilitation, or horses that are brought back to work from extended rest

• Performance horses in training and conditioning

• Geriatric horses that can no longer be under saddle, yet would benefit from the attention, connection and exercise

• Those who enjoy and appreciate variety and connection!

The combination of body language and the long lines allow your conversation to flow naturally, in a language your horse already knows. The best part is that long-lining is useful regardless of what stage your horse is at in its career.

Erika starts each horse on a circle. Whether a pony, mare, gelding or a stallion, experienced or new to long lining, the first thing a horse has to learn is to be on the outside rein.

The options are virtually limitless; long-lining has something to offer every horse, regardless of weather, environment or time constraints!

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Showing & Coaching at Shows

Show your horse in the best light

Having a professional trainer show your horse can help both the horse and the rider build the confidence in the show ring, learn the ropes of showing and have a pro cheerleader in your corner!

Currently erika is accepting new clients and is scheduling cavaletti clinics on location

Currently erika is accepting new clients and is scheduling cavaletti clinics on location

  • Private Sessions

  • Full Training

  • Partial Training

  • Trailer-in Lessons

  • Coaching at Shows

  • Clinics

  • DMS machine Sessions

  • Long Lining




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