Erika’s Cavalletti clinic is one of the best things I’ve found to do with my horse. Not only is it a good joint -friendly workout for my horse, but Erika gives me really insightful tips on my riding in a very straightforward and unintimidating way. I have ridden a few different horses in the clinic, including a retired eventing TB and a gaited Rocky Mountain horse, and as different as those two horses are they both really liked it. Erika’s extensive knowledge of horses and riding makes it possible for just about anyone, be they english dressage riders or bareback trail enthusiasts, to be able to learn from her how to be a better rider and help your horse carry themselves in a healthy and graceful way.
— Ali Pearson

I have a rescue horse who has some physical issues. I rode him in several of Erika’s cavaletti clinics. He became so much stronger and more confident and uses his body better. I have even begun jumping with him. Erika has a wonderful sense of both the horse and rider’s ability and tailors the clinic to your needs. I recommend this clinic to everyone.
— JoDean Nicolette

Eighteen months ago I found myself without a trainer for the first time in over thirty years. I thought long and hard about what my plan should be for my horse Landski, a challenging teenager with a mind of his own and a strong sense of humor! Several months later, Erika began teaching weekly at Renaissance Farm which allowed me to remain where my horse was happy with his friends. Erika is so well qualified to teach, train and ride that I knew I would be in good hands. Immediately I knew my lessons with Erika would be valuable, challenging and most of all fun! After having been a jumper rider for twenty five years, maintaining a proper dressage seat was not always comfortable and was affecting my horses balance. Erika began correcting my position our first lesson and continues to remind me each lesson which my horse has responded to with a change in his frame. Erika has a keen eye and is patient, persistent and respectful in her teaching clearly enjoying her time with us. When she rides my horse, I am so impressed with his gaits and energy! So inspiring to see the potential in him. My confidence in my ability to train my horse has increased and I am so pleased in the progression of our partnership. Landski has continued to build muscle from being worked in a correct frame and my riding skills have improved so much since I began lessons with Erika. I hope my equine journey continues with Erika as long as I am able to ride.
Thank you for your contribution to this horse crazy woman’s life!
— Leslie Anderson

Erika is just simply the best!! My horse and I have been training with her for 2 years and she is a huge reason why Ziggy is sound today. He has learned to use himself correctly and has become a sporty, fit dressage horse! She freely shares her extensive knowledge and education with her students with care, compassion and humor. The horse always comes first, which for me is most important. Ziggy and I love training with Erika and are excited about our lessons and our future!
— Elisabeth Gibson