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Erika Jansson’s motto of the cavaletti clinic is All Breeds, All Disciplines, All Levels.

Erika is kind, cheerful, generous in her instruction, and wonderfully communicative. If it appears you are not understanding her instructions, she takes the time and energy to think of a different way to communicate the instruction until you understand.

I have heard, on and off, one particular instruction with various dressage instructors over the years to correct my position...each time I asked the instructor what it meant, and each time I heard “you just do it” (IMO, soften your elbows is not intuitive).

In about ten seconds, Erika explained what exactly that meant, and I was immediately able to understand, and begin to correct, a lifelong misunderstanding of a very basic and important tenant of dressage.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Just go! Take the lesson, attend the clinic, don’t stress about your level. She will happily meet you where you are.
— Erin Gabriel

Cavaletti Clinics & Services

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Erika's Cavaletti Clinic is a wonderful way to strengthen your horse's core, improve coordination,elasticity & more.

  • Learn to work as a team with your horse while building strength, tempo and confidence.

  • Enjoy a fun environment in a group setting of no more than four riders in a session.

  • Solid 45 min of instruction. (Please warmup prior to your session)

  • Begin with as few as four cavaletti and graduate to up to eighteen or more!

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From the raw beginners to the Gran Prix level riders, Erika’s students benefit from her vast experience and knowledge as an equine educator. All levels and disciplines are welcome.

The only requirement is that the students bring to the table a positive attitude, a desire to deepen their connection with the horse, and willingness to examine every ride.

Erika’s Cavalletti clinic is one of the best things I’ve found to do with my horse. Not only is it a right joint-friendly workout for my horse, but Erika gives me insightful tips on my riding in a very straightforward and unintimidating way. I have ridden a few horses in the clinic, including a retired eventing TB and a gaited Rocky Mountain horse, and as different as those two horses are they both really liked it.
— Ali Pearson

With a positive attitude and a desire for learning, much can be accomplished and improved upon.

I have been immersed in equine studies and involved with riding sports my entire life. I feel very fortunate to be able to make my passion into a job that I enjoy. My goal is to help the horse and rider work as a team by creating a simple, clear method of communication between the two through a correct seat and clear aids.

As riders, we first have to take into consideration the physical and mental condition of the horse, as well as his/her skillset and capacity for learning. In doing so, we can give an appropriate level of responsibility to the horse. The horse’s health and well-being, along with everyone’s safety, will always be the first priority.

My life's calling is to use my experience and knowledge to continually develop my students…whether they be horses or riders. ~ Erika Jansson

... Because Dressage Is Fun!

... Because Dressage Is Fun!


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Erika's Cavaletti Clinic is a super fun way to learn in a friendly group environment.

Erika began correcting my position our first lesson and continues to remind me each lesson which my horse has responded to with a change in his frame. Erika has a keen eye and is patient, persistent and respectful in her teaching clearly enjoying her time with us. When she rides my horse, I am so impressed with his gaits and energy! So inspiring to see the potential in him. My confidence in my ability to train my horse has increased, and I am so pleased with the progression of our partnership.
— Leslie Anderson